Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Glenrock, WY - The Tuesday after Christmas

Well its the Tuesday after Christmas and Open Range Magazine and The Glenrock Bird are really picking up steam.  We've got a fresh new year ahead of us in the beautiful town of Glenrock, Wyoming and I can only thank God above for our supportive community and staff members.  We are Blessed to live in Glenrock, Wyoming and are happy to give the members of our community and beyond the News that Matters Most!  We are also happy to provide our community members and subscribers from around our great country with one of the finest Western Magazines, and the only Western Magazine in Wyoming... Open Range Magazine. As we grow closer to the end of 2009, I look back on the entire year and all its trials and tribulations and I think to myself... "its been hard, its been heart wrenching, but its been worth it."

Here's to another year of clearing obstacles!

Very sincerely, and God Bless,
Amanda Smith
The Glenrock Bird
Open Range Magazine
Glenrock, Wyoming