Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I ah... Did I mention...?

...that the newest issue is out for Open Range Magazine and if you do feel sooooo inclined, you can purchase the GORGEOUS digital version for just a dollar.   :)  See the link at right.   Makes a great stocking stuffer!  Like this:

 **Hey WOW honey!  THANK YOU!  I love Open Range Magazine and here is a link for the latest issue right here in my stocking!!!  And who's this as their featured artist (gift receiver sits down on floor)  gasp!!! FEATURED WESTERN ARTIST TIM COX???  (gift receiver squeals)**


Have a Blessed night everyone in Glenrock, Wyoming and beyond.  And for all of you who have snow, get out there and make some snow Angels! For those of you who don't... be glad you aren't freezing like we are!

P.S. --  of course, you can still purchase an annual digital subscription for $9.99 per year or the gorgeous hard copy annual subscription for $34.99.   Just go to www.openrangemagazine.com