Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ow! WOWZA! What a day!

Its been a day in Glenrock, Wyoming ....

Well folks, I can hardly believe it myself ... but (pinches self) The Glenrock Bird received an anonymous tip about 2:00 this afternoon that what is believed to be a human skull was accidentally unearthed in Central Wyoming by a Glenrock Plumbing Contractor who was digging about 6 feet down to fix a water pipe.  He saw the skull and immediately stopped his backhoe and jumped down to locate the owner of the land, who then promptly called Police.  By the time The Glenrock Bird staff (myself and my reporter/photogapher) arrived .. we were just minutes behind the Coroner, two detectives and three sheriff.  It was a crazy scene to say the least and the Coroner did confirm with The Glenrock Bird that the skull "appears to be human, but of what age we cannot be sure."   An Anthropologist was called in to meet the Coroner and the detectives at the Coroners headquarters, where the skull was taken to.  Although the area is not yet determined to be a crime scene, Sheriff's Deputies did state that all digging in the area must be halted until further notice.  It was an exciting day for The Glenrock Bird , if this turns out to be a crime scene, then perhaps (and this is only an assumption) a missing person's family will finally get some closure,  if this is a Native Indian skull, well we will be experiencing a piece of Wyoming's History.  If this skull is from the remains of a Pioneer traveling the Oregon Trail, then we will also experience a piece of Wyoming's History.  Any which way this goes, it is unusual for a small town newspaper like The Glenrock Bird to receive such a huge story.  My reporter and I traveled about a half an hour out into the County's most rural ranching areas in blowing snow and freezing temperatures to chase this story down.  We walked through knee high sagebrush and tumbleweeds (I in my fabulous skirt and high heeled designer cowboy boots and a gorgeous leopard print coat, and Jess in her sneakers, and her stylish Suede and White Fur Collar coat, both of us gloveless)... clearly we were not dressed for the occasion but it didn't matter as we trudged through the snow, and scrub brush to grab this story.  We were exhilarated even though the temperatures were in the teens and those all too familiar Wyoming winds were picking up.  We were respectfully welcomed by the Authorities who answered questions for us once the skull was safely tucked away in the Coroners vehicle.  So, its been an exciting day....  neither one of us can feel our fingers (I'm typing with two pencils.. just kidding) but we are excited to follow up on this story and get it out to our faithful readers.  Its truly amazing, days like this when the heart gets pumping and the blood gets going and you feel that old adrenalin start to work on your motivation and before you know it, you don't feel the cold or the wind or the sagebrush tripping up our feet as we walked carefully near the site.  You only feel that moment in time where you realize like all the times before, that you are responsible, time and again, to deliver the news to the people.  We'll be breaking this story on our website this evening at www.theglenrockbird.com.  - While you are there, check out the Bird Public Radio where we feature Sunday morning broadcasts with Bird reporters Bill Keesee and Mark Dosa and where throughout the week we broadcast Garrison Keillor's "The News from Lake Wobegon."   Have a beautiful and very safe night folks.. its snowing in Glenrock this evening and the roads are slicker than snot.

God Bless,