Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glenrock, Wyoming's Town Council upholds decision to terminate two Police Officers

Glenrock, Wyoming - On Monday night, January 25th, Glenrock's Town Council upheld the firing of Police Officer's Mike Kavenius and Paul Brown.

The Town Council voted to uphold the decision to terminate both police officers following a tazing incident during Glenrock's annual Deer Creek Days Parade last August.

No fault was found on the officers parts after an investigation following the incident.
Police say that Bud Grose, the Tractor driver that was tazed during last years Deer Creek Days Parade in Glenrock, Wyoming, refused to follow several direct orders from the officers.  After several attempts at stopping Mr. Grose and his tractor, Grose was tazed several times.

Neither former officer was present at the council meeting.

Stay tuned to The Glenrock Bird for a complete report on the meeting.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Vikings... sigh....

Well shooot.... need I say more?

God Bless,
Amanda Smith
Editor/Owner-Publisher The Glenrock Bird

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Those Herder Boys Just Keep on Keepin' On!

Did we think they couldn't?  Well, some did...

Did we forget that sometimes, the underdog is just the big dog waiting to be cut loose?  Well, some did...

There isn't anything like a really good game like the Glenrock, Newscastle game played on Jan 23rd.  Those Herder Boys, coached by Justin Kidneigh, really took their skills, their confidence and their brevity to the court and took the win all the way home.  We're proud of you boys.

Winning isn't everything my friends, continuing to play hard, with your heads held high whether you win or not is what pays off.   Congratulations to all of you... and Coach Kidneigh too.

Stay tuned to the Jan 31 issue of The Glenrock Bird Newspaper for all the results of Saturday nights game.

Glenrock 63 Newcastle 53 
Boys Basketball 

January 23, 2010, 08:58 p.m. EST

Glenrock comes from 9 down at the end of the first period to win by 10.
Glenrock 63
Newcastle 53
Glenrock--Worthington 17 pts, Farley 21 pts

Newcastle--Beehler 26 pts, Tobar 9 pts

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Broken laptop

Well folks, it happened.   I broke my laptop... I didn't just break it... I dropped it on its spine and the lid broke .. fell backwards and promptly sliced the cables going from the base of the laptop to the monitor. Now here's the thing.  I am on the road quite a bit lately having become the newest addition to my sales team for The Glenrock Bird and Open Range Magazine.  Therefore I have (well, had) a MacBook Air that is nice and light in weight and super slim.. it has a 15" screen and I can do anything I need to from it. Its incredibly fast as well.  I can build ads for The Glenrock Bird, I can build Open Range Magazine on it... its amazing (well, it was amazing)...  I even had the books on it.  Did I back it up recently.... well of course not.  Did I almost throw up when I realized I would be spending a half of a day in the ER of the CPU... no, I actually did throw up.  Okay, I really didn't throw up, but I came close.

I was however, able to get back up and running the next morning on another MacBook Air while waiting to hear back from my Insurance Company and I have to say that the technician (James) and his boss (Russ) and the secretary (Chris) were AMAZING and very aware of the situation I had found myself in.  I am certain the pale look on my face propelled them into action.

So, Monday they will transfer everything from my broken laptop and I'll have everything back that I've been without for almost a week.  All in all, we were still able to get the paper out (The Glenrock Bird) and work on Open Range Magazine..  but it really was an odd feeling to realize just how much we rely on our computers and laptops.  So let this be a very valuable lesson to everyone...and yes, this includes me...back up your data... every day, back it up online if you have to, but back it up.

Its beginning to snow again tonight in Glenrock, Wyoming and the temperature has really dropped.  Myself and my employees have wrapped up the Sunday morning paper and it will once again land on the doorsteps of every subscriber throughout Glenrock, Wyoming.  We are six months away from our 4th volume of The Glenrock Bird, and we are still soaring....  and we remain "The Glenrock Bird Newspaper, A New Way To Fly."

Goodnight folks, have a beautiful and very Blessed night's sleep.
God Bless,
Amanda Smith
Editor/Owner-Publisher The Glenrock Bird and Open Range Magazine

Friday, January 15, 2010

Delivering Community News to Glenrock, Wyoming in Converse County.

Good EARLY holy moly its snowin' again Friday morning!  Bringing you some early morning chatter from The Glenrock Bird Delivering Community News to GlenrockWyoming in Converse County.  I haven't  a clue why the "bold" is on... but I've clicked on the B several times and I'll be darned if I can get it to "unbold"  is that even a word?

Its a beautiful early early morning in Glenrock, and I can tell you thats the truth!  I just got back in from covering a story on a chimney fire here in Glenrock on North 8th.  No one was hurt according to Glenrock, Wyoming Volunteer Firefighter Shane Byrd.  The fire appeared to have started in the Chimney and made its way into the attic.  Both Glenrock FD and Rolling Hills FD rolled to the house fire which was dispatched at approximately 9:07pm.  Byrd stated that the fire was quickly contained and doused before any further damage could occur.  

We live in a small town folks, Glenrock, Wyoming ... and we're very lucky and Blessed to have volunteer fireman get up in the middle of the night to put out the flames that can easily and quickly destroy lives.  Shane Byrd was just one of many local volunteer firefighters who worked  to save the home in freezing temperatures during the late hours of Thursday night, January 14th, 2010 .  

So that's it for tonight (or rather, morning) folks.  I've still got the rest of the paper to put to bed before it goes to press in the morning.  Looks like we've got our front page story, but not because someone's house was on fire, but because there are folks out there like Byrd who are out there protecting us. 

Goodnight Glenrock - its 12:40am and its time to turn the lights out.  Oh, and sleep soundly... you're under the best protection out there, that of the Glenrock, Wyoming and Rolling Hills Volunteer Fire Department.

God Bless, 
Amanda Smith
The Glenrock Bird
Glenrock, Wyoming
Converse County

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from Open Range Magazine and The Glenrock Bird


And what a New Year it will be!  Ahhh.. the great and wonderous 2010.... a clean slate ... plenty of Jim Beam, two amazing publications The Open Range Magazine and The Glenrock Bird and amazing employees and alas... my husband, whom I love with all my heart.   BUT WAIT!   In my reflection of the year of 2009, filled with some of thee worst crap I have ever had to deal with, let me state my amazing love for the Lord who makes my crazy mind click...  without whom I would never ever have come as far as I have come on a wing and a prayer (ok, lets be honest folks, it was really on the wings of a jet airliner (enter Steve Miller Band) that barely made its landing, complete with skid marks on the runway and in my underpants, and the underpants of my staff.

Yessirree folks, I don't know how we did it, how we made it from the end of 2008 (which was followed closely by the beginning of the worse year of my life 2009) to the first day of 2010 (which I am certain will be the best year of my life... after all I am turning 40 this year... but, I digress)...  speaking of digress, am I the only one who uses dot dot dot when I feel like believing the reader will actually understand my emotions as I was typing this, by separating my thoughts with an occasional (oh who am I kidding, its never really occasional) dot dot dot?

I had sushi last night... I am addicted to sushi... it was amazing.  If ever anyone were to give me a gift, it should be sushi.  That's it...... or money... in the form of very large bills.

There is something to be said for spending New Years Day at home, with the fireplace going, four extremely large dogs laying about the house, husband intent on watching the Rose Bowl, snoring in the lay-z-boy next to me, and the knowledge that we made it to a new year, and that God must surely have something planned for me, or he wouldn't have allowed me to be here this day:  watching with surety, that Ohio State will surely have their asses handed to them on a silver platter this New Years Day.  Ahhh yes, how can a New Year not be grand, when the Rose Bowl is hosting Oregon and Ohio State?  All the while watching one of the most courageous men of the year, Captain Skully, toss the coin.  I'm telling you Open Range Magazine and Glenrock Bird readers.... it just doesn't get any better than this.

I wish each and every one of you a beautiful afternoon this first day of 2010, and a very prosperous and Blessed year.  Remember, with God we are capable of anything...

God Bless!  (oh, and cheers!  I've started on the Jim Beam...clink!)
Amanda Smith
Open Range Magazine
The Glenrock Bird