Saturday, January 23, 2010

Broken laptop

Well folks, it happened.   I broke my laptop... I didn't just break it... I dropped it on its spine and the lid broke .. fell backwards and promptly sliced the cables going from the base of the laptop to the monitor. Now here's the thing.  I am on the road quite a bit lately having become the newest addition to my sales team for The Glenrock Bird and Open Range Magazine.  Therefore I have (well, had) a MacBook Air that is nice and light in weight and super slim.. it has a 15" screen and I can do anything I need to from it. Its incredibly fast as well.  I can build ads for The Glenrock Bird, I can build Open Range Magazine on it... its amazing (well, it was amazing)...  I even had the books on it.  Did I back it up recently.... well of course not.  Did I almost throw up when I realized I would be spending a half of a day in the ER of the CPU... no, I actually did throw up.  Okay, I really didn't throw up, but I came close.

I was however, able to get back up and running the next morning on another MacBook Air while waiting to hear back from my Insurance Company and I have to say that the technician (James) and his boss (Russ) and the secretary (Chris) were AMAZING and very aware of the situation I had found myself in.  I am certain the pale look on my face propelled them into action.

So, Monday they will transfer everything from my broken laptop and I'll have everything back that I've been without for almost a week.  All in all, we were still able to get the paper out (The Glenrock Bird) and work on Open Range Magazine..  but it really was an odd feeling to realize just how much we rely on our computers and laptops.  So let this be a very valuable lesson to everyone...and yes, this includes me...back up your data... every day, back it up online if you have to, but back it up.

Its beginning to snow again tonight in Glenrock, Wyoming and the temperature has really dropped.  Myself and my employees have wrapped up the Sunday morning paper and it will once again land on the doorsteps of every subscriber throughout Glenrock, Wyoming.  We are six months away from our 4th volume of The Glenrock Bird, and we are still soaring....  and we remain "The Glenrock Bird Newspaper, A New Way To Fly."

Goodnight folks, have a beautiful and very Blessed night's sleep.
God Bless,
Amanda Smith
Editor/Owner-Publisher The Glenrock Bird and Open Range Magazine