Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glenrock, Wyoming's Town Council upholds decision to terminate two Police Officers

Glenrock, Wyoming - On Monday night, January 25th, Glenrock's Town Council upheld the firing of Police Officer's Mike Kavenius and Paul Brown.

The Town Council voted to uphold the decision to terminate both police officers following a tazing incident during Glenrock's annual Deer Creek Days Parade last August.

No fault was found on the officers parts after an investigation following the incident.
Police say that Bud Grose, the Tractor driver that was tazed during last years Deer Creek Days Parade in Glenrock, Wyoming, refused to follow several direct orders from the officers.  After several attempts at stopping Mr. Grose and his tractor, Grose was tazed several times.

Neither former officer was present at the council meeting.

Stay tuned to The Glenrock Bird for a complete report on the meeting.
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