Friday, February 5, 2010

Eric Stoltz - Star of the new SyFy "CAPRICA!" Check out his interview in Glenrock, Wyoming's THE GLENROCK BIRD!

Well good early morning to everyone!  This week's issue of Glenrock, Wyoming's Sunday morning newspaper featured an interview with the star of the new SyFy CAPRICA, by Glenrock Bird the "Night Hawk" Columnist Susan Stoltz.   This is an exceptional must read.  You can go right to the issue to page 5 and read the first half of Susan's interview with Eric by clicking here:

Keep in mind sleepy ones, that the second half of Eric's interview will be in the Feb 14 issue of The Glenrock Bird.  So stay tuned!

Have a Blessed night and a beautiful tomorrow!


*Photo courtesy SyFy Channel and CAPRICA