Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another beautiful Glenrock, Wyoming Day

The Glenrock Bird and Open Range Magazine

There comes a time in our lives, when we have to stop and look at the obstacles that are still in front of us, and truly ask ourselves "can I get over this obstacle ...again"

I have, I did, and yes can.

Life isn't easy.  Owning and publishing a newspaper that is fair and balanced, while being chased by people who are not... is hard.  No, its not hard, its hurtful.

Staying afloat isn't easy.  Owning and publishing a magazine - in these hard economic times - while battling print deadlines, late distributions and little to no capital...  is hard. No, its not hard, its Hellaciously Hard...

Trying to maintain payroll so you don't have to lay off your loyal and hard working employees - that's hard too - but its worth it.  No, its not just worth it... they are why I do what I do.  They are why I strive to succeed and move these publications forward, against all odds.

Folks, we all have obstacles to get over.  Sometimes its the same damn obstacle over and over again, a little different in color maybe, each time that obstacle rears its ugly head... but the same damn obstacle.  When that obstacle pops back up in front of you, face it straight on.  Face it with the dignity and integrity that I know you have in you.  Face it straight on with your head held high.  Stare it straight in the eye and move towards it, until it starts to shrivel away...  like a bad virus.  And when you've shown that obstacle just how strong you are, it will become small enough that you can step right over it.  And when you do step right over it, don't look back.   Just wipe your hands off, take a deep breath, and start on the next obstacle.  You'll get over that one too.

God Bless,

Amanda Smith - Glenrock, Wyoming
The Glenrock Bird
Open Range Magazine