Sunday, February 14, 2010

Comedy Night at Glenrock's The Shoreliner? You bet it was!

Well Glenrock, if ever we needed a reason to laugh and cut loose, it was tonight, Valentines Night February 14.  Couples in Love... good comedy and the cocktails were flowing in the candlelight provided by none other than Mister Mastermind Kevin of The Shoreliner himself. 

Stay tuned to the Feb 21 issue of The Glenrock Bird for a great article on the two wonderful comedians who gave Glenrock's Shoreliner goers,  good reason to cut loose, as well as some great photos of our community members having an absolutely great time.

Its almost 11:30, and I'm certain that those entertained tonight, are still entertaining themselves in the fabulous, fun, relaxing atmosphere of The Shoreliner... but its time for bed for this old gal.  The laughter felt good, as I know it did for everyone who attend such a great and well planned event.  And so Glenrock, it will feel good to climb in between the sheets with a smile on my face and laughter in my heart.  Something we all have needed as of late... a feeling that is, well, very welcoming.

Goodnight Glenrock.  You are a fine town, filled with fine people.  May all your dreams come true this evening as you all climb into bed after an evening filled with good old plain fun.

God Bless,
Amanda Smith
The Glenrock Bird
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