Monday, December 7, 2009

Cowboy Recipes, Bucking Bulls, Ranching, Western Art and Looking for John Wayne in All the Wrong Places!

Good evening to Glenrock, Wyoming and beyond (said like Count Dracula)...   its been a few days since I've posted anything to my blog and I suppose that's because I've been busy getting the digital version of Volume 2 Issue 3 of Open Range Magazine completed and distributed.  We've introduced a new part of the magazine, Its called the East Coast Side of Open Range Magazine... so what we've accomplished is a fabulous group of gorgeous photographs and fabulous articles from the East Coast to the West Coast.  Its pretty amazing if I do say so myself.  The Cowboy Cuisine Recipe  Section (proudly called Bunkhouse Recipes) is once again a huge hit for Open Range Magazine.  And we proudly boast one of the worlds most well known and sought after western artists, Mr. Tim Cox.  Cox's Western Art is amazing and I can assure you that if you don't already own a Western Art piece from Tim Cox, you will surely want to after this fabulous article written by Codi Vallerie.

There is everything from our East Coast writer Jackson Braun's view on finding Cowboys in New York , to Tena Bastian's flavorful article of Oklahoma's Clanahan Clan.  Dave P Fisher, Cowboy Poet and Writer extraordinaire joins us for another great story about the adventures of Jack and Cleve!

Working the Cow Herd by Nevada Cattleman Association's Second Vice President Jon Griggs gives a fine lesson in one of the necessary steps that cowboys must take in the fall/winter season of raising cattle.

There's just so much packed into this fabulous magazine!  I'm proud of every issue of Open Range in its last two and half years... but this one, with the introduction of Living the Western Way of Life East Coast Style really takes the cake.   I hope you all take the time to subscribe (go green and subscribe digitally!  Its Cheaper that way! ) and see just how incredible this magazine really is.  Thanks for everyone for their continued support in the endeavor of Open Range Magazine.

Well I'm off to blog a little bit about The Glenrock Bird now, and how one tiny little smalltown newspaper made a really big impact in the great big world of media.  Thanks for tuning in and have a beautiful Glenrock, Wyoming kind of night!

God Bless and have a very beautiful and safe night.

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