Friday, November 27, 2009

Open Range Magazine and The Glenrock Bird

Whew, well its been a while since I've blogged folks.  Turns out that a lot has happened.  We got caught up in an unfortunate situation with a woman who owns a rescue place for horses, travelled 11 hours just to get our copyrights infringed upon.  We learned a little too late how ruthless people can be when they want something for nothing, and how some people will stop at nothing to hurt other people.  Its been a hard lesson learned in regards to donating the time and energy and materials spent that Open Range Magazine and my staff donated for the aforementioned event.  But, we'll take our lumps and move on like the rest of us who work very hard to continue pursuing their dreams, do.

Having said all that, Open Range Magazine and The Glenrock Bird continue to flourish despite the ruthless behavior of this woman, and we continue to donate and provide services for many community functions in Wyoming and beyond.

Its amazing to me, as I write this, that Open Range Magazine is in its second year and second volume.  We had an interesting road getting the magazine off the ground, we were late at times, had a few obstacles we needed to get over (and did, praise God) and suffered some trials and tribulations along the way.  But, what company doesn't? In fact, what person doesn't when they are pursuing something that is in their heart?    So, here we are ... getting ready to print Volume 2 Issue 3 of Open Range Magazine and its going to be as gorgeous as the last issue and the ones before that one.  Thanking God above for the energy of my staff, and myself, my Mom and Dad, friends, advertisers and susbscribers who stuck by us and continue to stick by us as we continue to publish and distribute one of the finest real western magazines around.  Remember, you can always contact us at: .   On this morning after Thanksgiving, I wish each of you a very Blessed Christmas Season.
God Bless!
Amanda Smith

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