Friday, November 27, 2009

The day after what I like to call: THE OPEN RANGE MAGAZINE Tryptophan KICK

I can't believe I even knew how to spell Tryptophan.. okay, I didn't know how to spell it, but Google did.  Before I start out my evening blog.. let me first say this:

Do not.... I repeat, do NOT watch that Andrew fellow who eats all over the world....  the day after Thanksgiving.  You will throw up.

Anyway, on to my commentary.  Today I realized what it really means to let go... to clean the slate and remove the demons, so to speak... that have been taunting me most of my adult life.  I decided that doing so must be somewhat like Cowboys in the old days used to do, when they realized they must move forward.... or in today's lingo.. move on down the line.   And in order to do so, one must rid oneself of the dead weight that continually holds some of us back.  Its hard to recognize... well, no its not hard to recognize, its hard to believe that anyone in ones life could be considered dead weight... so its hard to believe I guess.  But if you don't do more than just recognize, that dead weight can drag you down, much farther down than the ravines go in the old west...  and so it goes, my revelation of sorts.  Lets see if letting go of some of these demons can help Open Range move forward in a more timely manner as we approach the distribution of Volume 2 Issue 3.

We have an incredible crew at Open Range Magazine and The Glenrock Bird .  Some have been with me since the inception of both, and some have been with me a little over a year... and those who dared to come on board, and stay on board over the last few months, well, they've fit in so well that I do believe we've finally found the right amount of grease to keep these wheels moving.  And move they do...   we are finding that our motion, is unstoppable... no matter the obstacle.

I guess it really is like the Old West .  Sometimes you have to keep on riding through the wind storms that blow sand in your face and press forward through the tumbleweeds that trip up the horse that carries you, causing both of you to stumble.   Sometimes you have to ride through the wind and the rain, the snow and scorching sun, to reach your destination.  And, it is then, and only then that you look up and the sun is shining, the temperature is beautiful, the skies are clear and although there are still many obstacles to overcome, somehow you've made it to a mild location, and its worth it... its all worth it ... the blood, the sweat, the tears, the fight...  its all worth it to know that you rode through it all to chase your dreams and bring along a crew who followed their dreams too, and you realize it took all of you...  the whole lot... and God.

Here's to pushing forward, not because someone else picks us up and dusts us off, not because someone gave you a jump start... but because you've found the right amount of passion, and the right crew ... and Faith in God above... and you made it to the other side of yet another obstacle, and you can see the cattle on the horizon, and you can see the green green grass of home, and you can feel, once and for all..  the renewal of the spirit inside that drives you... and so it goes....